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Facility Management

RM has available for its clients a Facility Management service, which allows to tackle daily needs not included in our clients' core business, enabling a systematic management of all the services necessary for a company's operation, such as:

 — Building and Equipment Management
 — General Maintenance
 — Industrial Maintenance

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Our organisation, given its experience in the metalworking industry sector, offers a high valued service focused on ensuring quality, achieving goals and complying with deadlines, providing the best outcomes for our clients. We are suitable to offer the following services in this field:

 — Metallurgy for structures and piping
 — Qualified welding with different alloys and processes
 — Automated and conventional machinery
 — Industrial assembly
 — Structures manufacturing

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Industrial Consulting

We want to add value to your business and contribute to your company's growth, by supporting your organisation developing resources. We are a reliable partner you can count on to help solving your needs in:

 — Project Management
 — Quality Control and Continuing Improvement Consulting
 — Lean Manufacturing Consulting
 — Training

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RM offers its clients a personalised service in human resources management through outsourcing, adapted to our clients’ needs, focused in adding value based on the following principles:

 — The client is focused only in its main activity
 — Optimisation of resources
 — Improvement in procedures efficiency and effectiveness
 — Procedural promptness in human resources management
 — Operational management to increase productivity and for continuous improvement in service quality